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The Digital Organizer: EpicWin App

by Kathy Jenkins
Let this app make short work of your child's to-do list or help ADHD kids accomplish tasks

Let this app make short work of your child’s to-do list or help ADHD kids accomplish tasks.  It is available for the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and the iPad.   EpicWin BEAT PROCRASTINATION! You find it difficult to meet goals. HOW TO USE THE APP EpicWin is a cross between a digital organizer and a role-playing […]

Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Students

by Kathy Jenkins
Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Students

Thumb drives by the 3-pack Whether they’re dashing off to the library to print an essay or backing up copies of a lose-it-and-die senior thesis, thumb drives are an indispensable part of college life. Buy them by the 3-pack in impossible-to-lose hues – bright pink or red, anyone? Bananagrams Who needs the full game board, […]

Planning Smart School Projects

by Kathy Jenkins
What is the best way to plan and execute a successful project? Let The Organizing Tutor help you!

A major struggle for middle and high school students these days is time management. You begin with a disadvantage – the part of your brain that controls executive function, which directs organization, time management and project planning, is not fully developed. You are then bombarded with so many choices for how to spend your time: […]

This sounds like a perfect idea!

by Kathy Jenkins

If your child can’t concentrate on studying or you get to sleep, we have the perfect app for you.  It’s simple – here’s how the Relax Melodies App works: Select sounds that you like. The app combines your favorite sounds to create a mix. Set the volume of each sound individually. Press play. It is that simple […]

A System That Works: The Subject Sleeve by The Delta Planner

by Kathy Jenkins

School is in full swing and students are discovering systems that help them stay on top of assignments, projects and staying organized.  One of our favorite products for students is the Subject Sleeve by The Delta Planner company – it is even one of our most re-pinned pins on Pinterest!  Here is a little information […]

Donna Goldberg Shares the PACK System

by Kathy Jenkins
Why is it important that your kids clean their rooms… and keep them that way? Because, someday soon they will have a locker!

 “Just because you organize it, doesn’t mean it stays that way… …it’s important to remember that it’s never about the setup, it’s about the follow-through.” Donna Goldberg Why is it important that your kids clean their rooms… and keep them that way?  Because, someday soon they will have a locker! Organized lockers help with productivity in […]

Help Your Student Stay Organized with Kathy Jenkins

by Kathy Jenkins

RICHMOND, Va – Kathy Jenkins, Certified Professional Organizer and Student Organizing Expert, brought it some great tools to keep your student organized to be successful in school. Kathy shared some helpful hints to finding the best way to get your child organized based on their individual study styles and needs.  Kathy is offering 50% off a […]

What are Grades Good For?

by Kathy Jenkins
Grades and being a successful student

Have you ever wondered why grades are given in school?  Although grades are documents of academic progress, grades span past a test or two.  Factors such as behavior, attendance, homework and cooperative (group) learning play a role in many of the grades that come home on the report card.  I would like to make a […]

Back to School… A Year Ago

by Kathy Jenkins
A year ago on The Organizing Tutor blog.

Back to School – Beyond the Basics It’s Time for a Fresh Start to a New School Year!   Go beyond basics… learn different approaches, using innovative tools and apps, all designed to help your student succeed.   Learn about… Products that will help your child keep their space organized, including their bedroom Paper management […]