Did you know that people are more successful and happy when they receive and work in their preferred?  They do!  So, we have designed a course especially for advanced-level organizers.  This course will build your awareness of some of the most promising studies exploring how we think, process information, and what stimulates our comprehension and learning.  During our time together, we will take a quick tour of the most up-to-date research sets you up for some practical ideas to incorporate into your organizational toolkit.

NOTE:  It is advisable that you complete the Learning Styles Assessment & Thinking Assessment forms in advance of the class in preparation for this course. These forms will be distributed to register course participants as part of course materials.


Understanding Learning and Thinking Styles and How they Effect Organization

The National Association of Professional Organizers

September 22, 2015                                   September 24, 2015

2 PM – 4 PM                                                   2 PM – 4 PM    

Course#: PO-303W                                         Course#: PO-303W

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