What we do…

At The Organizing Tutor, we work one-on-one with students to help them reach an efficient level of organization in their space, papers, and time in order for them to achieve their full potential.

Our process starts with a formal holistic Student and Parent Assessment which includes:

  • interests
  • goals
  • strengths
  • stressors
  • personal habits – eating, sleeping, energy drink, exercise, chores
  • formal diagnoses, medications and side effects
  • executive function
  • daily schedule
  • school schedule
  • grades
  • study habits
  • learning style
  • thinking style

Both students and parents take the assessments which allows us to identify areas of synergy as well as areas where there are differences. Upon completion of the assessment we meet with the family to discuss challenges and goals and observe first hand the state of the students’ space, backpack, paper management and time management systems. The observations are then combined with the preliminary assessment results in order to create a unique Student Organizing Assessment & Recommendations Report.

Because this assessment is so comprehensive, we are able to develop the right strategy immediately, thus helping our students realize positive results right away. This is vitally important since quite often the time frame to see a dramatic difference (which is usually measured in better grades) is small.

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What it takes…

The Organizing Tutor Student Organizers and Student Organizer Coaches must have at least the following qualifications:

  • A passion for helping students succeed (which assumes that you like them 🙂 )
  • Prior experience working with students

You may also have the following:


Whether you already work with students or you want to join this fast growing profession, we have a membership level to fit your needs.

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How to you can get started…

The Organizing Tutor offers two levels of membership: Student Organizer or Student Organizer Coach


   Student Organizer  Student Organizer Coach
  • Professional Organizer who currently works with students
  • Member of NAPO or other Professional Organizing Association
  • An understanding of your local school system
  • An understanding of learning challenges, such as ADHD
  • An understanding IEP and 504 accommodations
  • An understanding of Executive Functioning, Learning and Thinking Styles
  • Want to have access to a formal student assessment
  • Want to learn more about student organizing and running and marketing your student organizing business


  • Professional Organizer who wants to work with students
  • Educator, former educator or education administrator who wants to continuing working with students
  • Member of NAPO or other Professional Organizing Association
  • Want to have access to a formal student assessment
  • Want to learn more about student organizing and starting, running and marketing your student organizing business
Benefits:Online Assessment and Recommendations Report Access to our online student and parent assessments and recommendations report program.
Parents and student are sent a unique assessment link. After completion of the assessment your observations are input and then all data is run through our proprietary software to produce the Recommendations Report, providing you with a starting point for working with your client.


 Resource Center Access to materials which include documents, checklists, presentations, sample forms, marketing ideas and materials and links to products and apps to use with students.


Monthly Newsletter Newsletter which includes, but is not limited to, information about the student organizing industry, strategies for working with students, products, technology and applications.


Company Listing Company Listing and Linking: Your name, company name, and contact information on the “Locations” Page. Preferred Company Listing and Linking: Your  name, company name, contact information and description on the “Locations” Page. It will be displayed in bold with your photo or logo.


Organizing Tutor Badge Access to The Organizing Tutor Student Organizer Badge which can be used in your marketing efforts. Access to The Organizing Tutor Student Organizer Coach Badge which can be used in your marketing efforts.


Monthly Continuing Education Not available at this level Every month we will address topics relevant to the running of your business and how to help your student clients achieve their full potential.


Organizing Tutor University Not available at this level

Access to The Organizing Tutor Academy where you can learn all that you need to know to become a successful Student Organizer Coach.Topics include:

    • How to Start Your Business
    • Student Assessment
    • Executive Function
    • Learning Styles
    • Thinking Styles
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Study Skills
    • IEP/504
    • ADHD
    • Collaboration with other Professionals
    • and many more!


Individualized Mentoring Not available at this level Three (3) hours per year. Use it to get specific advice about your business, marketing, clients or anything else where you want some individualized guidance.


Annual Investment


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Student and Parent Assessment Fee

$89 (Regularly $299)


$59 (Regularly $299)

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 Why The Organizing Tutor?

Education: Few organizers receive training in student organizing and many educators, skilled in working with students, receive no formal training in professional organizing. The Organizing Tutor is committed to  providing state-of-the-art training to give you the expertise and confidence you need to work in the field of student organizing through Academy of Student Organizing, our monthly teleconferences and/or webinars and newsletter.

Support: If you succeed then your student clients succeed. It is our mission to help students reach their full potential and we want that for you too. We will help you expand your offerings through the Student and Parent Assessment and provide you resources to help excel at student organizing. We are here to answer your questions and look forward to your input and insight as you grow your practice. The Student Organizing Coach level member receives six hours of one-on-one mentoring each year.

Personal Client Tracking Page: As a member you will have a Personal Client Tracking Page that is accessible to only you, thus maintaining  confidentiality as directed by NAPO, ICD, and the BCPO Code of Ethics. You will have the ability to purchase the Student and Parent Assessment, add your observations and recommendations and add information about services/packages you have to offer, thus personalizing the Student Organizing Assessment &Recommendations Report for your student and your business!

If you are currently working with students as part of your organizing practice, adding a formal assessment to your process can jump start you work with students as well as be a great marketing tool to increase you business.


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