Are you looking for programs that is sure to engage teachers and parents? Ones that will give them the information they need to help the students in their lives?

Get student organized


Kathy Jenkins, Student Organizing Expert, Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Family Manager Coach, and Facilitator of Parenting the Love & Logic Way®, will share with you strategies to help students reach their full potential in school and in life.


Teacher In-Service Training

Teachers will learn strategies to help them organize their classroom and techniques to help their students stay more organized.

Each program contains 60-90 minutes of content rich with concepts, and up to 30 minutes for questions and answers. Teachers will walk away with tips and ideas that they can put to use right away in their classroom.


Parent Teacher Groups (PTA, PTO and the like)

Parents will learn how they can help their child develop a system for organizing paper and electronic files, managing time and projects, and developing effective homework and study habits. They will also discover how the mind-body connection plays a role their child’s academic success.

Each program contains 60 minutes of content rich with concepts, and up to 30 minutes for questions and answers. Parents will walk away from our time together with tips and ideas that they can put to use right away.


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Programs & Workshops

  • Capitalizing on Your Child’s Learning and Thinking Style
    Every child has a natural way of thinking (ordered, analytical, free-thinking, social) . Even though they adapt based on our teacher, environment and circumstances, they find it much easier to function and work when they use their natural style. In this seminar we will learn how to identify your child’s thinking style and explore strategies for organizing in a way that comes naturally to them.
  • Got Kids? Get Them Organized (The Early Years)
    In these times of excess (toys, art work, activities, etc) it can be hard to combat disorganization. In this class we will investigate some of the common culprits of clutter and how to combat them. Preschool kids can learn to be organized with help from you. Learn the steps to start them on the path of organization early!
  • Got Kids? Get Them Organized (The School Years)
    Do you and your kids have differing opinions on what it is to be organized?  It is because you don’t look at things the same. Learn why learning and thinking styles effect organization and some tips to help your child in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Is Your Child Reaching Their Full Potential
    Pressures on today’s students are tremendous. In this workshop discover why getting organized can be such a challenge to a student today. Learn strategies that will allow you to help your child with paper and time management. Be familiar with how the mind-body connection plays an important part in their overall success.
  • Helping Your Children Succeed in School
    Kids today are under enormous pressure – academic, social, technological, etc. It is vitally important that they learn how to be organized, but how can you help. In this seminar we explore how you can support your child in managing their paper and time so they can reach their full potential.
  • How to Avoid Power Struggles with Your Kids
    Does it feel like your child is a master at hooking you into a power struggle, leaving you exhausted? Control is an interesting thing…like love, the more you give away, the more you get back.
  • Parenting the Love & Logic Way®
    Love and Logic Parenting is a unique approach that reveals the secrets of successful parenting. This proven system helps you put the fun back into raising kids. No more arguing, nagging, or empty threats. NOTE: This is a 5-week workshop series. A fee of $75 per participant and $110 per couple, plus a $10 workbook fee is required at the time of booking.
  • Raising Responsible Kids through Love and Logic
    How would it feel to have your kids willingly do chores, not talk back or argue with you and show you the respect that you deserve? When you apply the principals of Love & Logic, you expect these things and more from your kids.
  • Stop the Chore Wars
    Most parents require their children do chores, but getting them to do them on a regular basis without whining and complaining is a challenge. Then there is always the question of allowance. Learn how to implement a chore schedule that is appropriate for your children based on their developmental stage and your family’s schedule.
  • Summer Survival Strategies for Busy Parents
    Every parent has started the summer with high hopes only to spend all of August counting down the minutes till the kids are back in school. Make this summer different – learn how to make plans for a summer break that will help your kids grow in positive ways, learn new things and make lasting memories.