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The Organizing Tutor’s Favorite Pins of 2015

by Kathy Jenkins
Favorite Pins of 2015

      The Subject Sleve The Subject Sleeve is a tough, clear, vinyl pouch perfect for holding a spiral notebook or 3-ring binder, homework folder, and most textbooks. Because of the clear design, students can easily locate and grab a single subject out of their locker or backpack.     Get Your Gear Cards […]

Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Students

by Kathy Jenkins
Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Students

Thumb drives by the 3-pack Whether they’re dashing off to the library to print an essay or backing up copies of a lose-it-and-die senior thesis, thumb drives are an indispensable part of college life. Buy them by the 3-pack in impossible-to-lose hues – bright pink or red, anyone? Bananagrams Who needs the full game board, […]

Did You Miss It?

by Kathy Jenkins

Daily Routines: Organizing an Overstuffed Schedule Daily routines are not simple, balanced or organized for most families.  Surviving the morning-rush to get out the door in the morning and activities that compete with each other after school can be just as hectic as the morning – or worse.  Sometimes it is a matter of always […]

The Same System Doesn’t Work for Every Student

by Kathy Jenkins

“Be who you are and say what you feel.  Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss I love fifth grade. It is the last year students have to be kids before middle school. And, it is last year to learn organizational skills before entering middle school – learning personalized organizing […]

Planning Smart School Projects

by Kathy Jenkins
What is the best way to plan and execute a successful project? Let The Organizing Tutor help you!

A major struggle for middle and high school students these days is time management. You begin with a disadvantage – the part of your brain that controls executive function, which directs organization, time management and project planning, is not fully developed. You are then bombarded with so many choices for how to spend your time: […]

Speech Recognition Tools on Your Computer

by Kathy Jenkins
Every student learns differently – and, every student studies differently.

Every student learns differently – and, every student studies differently.  WHAT IS AN AUDITORY LEARNER?   An auditory learning is someone who must hear things to learn them best – they remember what they hear and say. An auditory learning is someone who typically enjoys classroom discussion and working in small-groups where there is discussion. An […]

Organizing Homework: Tips to Working Smarter

by Kathy Jenkins

“Trying harder rarely helps. Working smarter does. To work smarter, your child needs strategies that are designed to work WITH the way she thinks… To help your children succeed, encourage them to become more aware, and accepting, of their challenges and strengths. Suggest that they put on their detective hats, to discover organization and time management strategies that […]

What are Grades Good For?

by Kathy Jenkins
Grades and being a successful student

Have you ever wondered why grades are given in school?  Although grades are documents of academic progress, grades span past a test or two.  Factors such as behavior, attendance, homework and cooperative (group) learning play a role in many of the grades that come home on the report card.  I would like to make a […]

Succeeding in High School

by Kathy Jenkins
to succeed in high school, students will reach their full potential using organizational skills.

High school can be a very stressful and challenging environment.  I can’t think of many other things that reduce frustration as being organized.  Enjoying time management and organization isn’t natural or appreciated for many students.  But, to succeed in high school, students will reach their full potential using organizational skills. “Just because a child is […]