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Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Students

by Kathy Jenkins
Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Students

Thumb drives by the 3-pack Whether they’re dashing off to the library to print an essay or backing up copies of a lose-it-and-die senior thesis, thumb drives are an indispensable part of college life. Buy them by the 3-pack in impossible-to-lose hues – bright pink or red, anyone? Bananagrams Who needs the full game board, […]

Organizing Homework: Tips to Working Smarter

by Kathy Jenkins

“Trying harder rarely helps. Working smarter does. To work smarter, your child needs strategies that are designed to work WITH the way she thinks… To help your children succeed, encourage them to become more aware, and accepting, of their challenges and strengths. Suggest that they put on their detective hats, to discover organization and time management strategies that […]

Donna Goldberg Shares the PACK System

by Kathy Jenkins
Why is it important that your kids clean their rooms… and keep them that way? Because, someday soon they will have a locker!

 “Just because you organize it, doesn’t mean it stays that way… …it’s important to remember that it’s never about the setup, it’s about the follow-through.” Donna Goldberg Why is it important that your kids clean their rooms… and keep them that way?  Because, someday soon they will have a locker! Organized lockers help with productivity in […]

No Clutter + New Habits = 1 Organized Student

by Kathy Jenkins
The Organizing Tutor Make-Over with Kathy Jenkins

Everyone loves a good make-over story!  Well, recently I worked with a 13 yr old boy to make-over his bedroom by organizing all the clutter – and what a transformation. When I first arrived, I think he was a bit apprehensive about the process.  But after only 3 hours of working together, he told me that it didn’t […]

Keep Moving with this Workstation

by Kathy Jenkins
A portable desk and laptop workstation.

We love this portable desk and laptop workstation from Levenger. According to some ergonomic experts, alternating between sitting and standing as you work may be the best way to stay refreshed, relaxed and alert. The height of this portable laptop desk and reading table adjusts easily to suit your mood and need. Visit the Come […]

Secrets of Getting Organized: Desk for Success

by Kathy Jenkins

Kathy contributes to the newest addition of “Secrets of Getting Organized” by Better Homes and Gardens.  To get your home and your child organized, visit your nearest newsstand!  If you would like to see this article, just click the pic below! DESK FOR SUCCESS Do unsightly piles, supplies or mailing essentials discourage you from being […]

by Kathy Jenkins
ergo ergo seat, perfect for the focusing your student

Whether your student has a hard time concentrating, sitting still or has bad posture, we are confident you will love the Ergo Ergo Seat.  What was first an adult Ergo Ergo, is now available in a 15″ children’s size. Improves concentration and focus Perfect for schools, daycares, playrooms, and more 15″ high, 80 lb. capacity […]

Keeping Things Simple

by Kathy Jenkins

Have you ever thought about it?  Really, a day of school is a work day for kids.   And just like your evenings after a full day of work, afternoons and evenings are small amount of time left over for extracurricular activities, homework or maybe spending some much deserved free time with friends.  So, it is […]

My Space…Organized!

by Kathy Jenkins

Papers and clothes and trash –  oh my! If the state of your space is a constant source of tension between you and your parents then this class is for you. Learn how to get your space organized using the SIMPLE method. Design your organized room, develop routines and identify tools that will help you […]