Ahhh summer… the time of year every student loves. And rightfully so, school is hard work. However, is you have plans to go to college in the future you need to consider how to spend your summer.

Colleges look at more than just SAT scores and grades. They want to see you as a whole person, with interests and ambition. That make summer is the perfect time to broaden your horizons, make lasting memories and fill your college resume with experience that makes you desirable to the college of your choice.

Here are some ideas to help you organize how to spend your summer…

Go “Camping”

I know you are thinking “camps are for little kids”, but that isn’t the case anymore. There are lots of specialized camps for high schoolers that allow you to focus on the things that interest you most – art, sports, academics, gaming, engineering, etc.

Go Serve
Volunteer and internship opportunities are a way to dip your toe in the water of something that interests you. Think about opportunities at a hospital, sports camp, local company, etc.

Community service and volunteerism really stands out to colleges and it makes you feel pretty good too!

Go Abroad

If foreign languages are your passion, then take the next flight overseas and participate in a summer study-abroad program. Having taken a language in middle or high school is just aout all the experience you need to qualify. And while you will spend time in class (ugh! summer school) you will also have plenty of time to check out sights.

Go Get a Job

If none of the above appeal to you, then go get a JOB! Colleges and universities will see you as responsible and motivated. What you get out of it isn’t just a paycheck, but real-world experience that you can draw on for years to come.

No matter how you choose to spend your summer, think and act wisely. Colleges and universities are competitive, so if you have one you have your eye on then it is best to do everything you can to make yourself irresistible and ensure an acceptance letter!